First thing this morning my four year old bounced into our room and asked if he could watch, “X-Men.” Oh dear God, noone should have to watch that awful show on an empty stomach. Or, at all. Moms of boys, unite.

My husband said, “No, buddy, not right now” to which he responded dejectedly, “TRAP!”

It was sort of dark in the room, and I wondered if my husband could see me trying to stifle a laugh. He whispered into the darkness, “Did he just mean, ‘crap’?”

“Oh yeah he did! But look at the bright side, at least he didn’t say ‘TUCK!’ Then we’d have some ‘splaining to do!”

We all know being a parent of young kids can be a thankless job, but little moments like that remind me of how funny it can be, and what awesome little personalities kids have. And corny as it sounds, a laugh like that is all the thanks I need some days.

See, just yesterday, I was having a “day”…it started with the baby spitting his whole bottle up on me and spiraled from there. We all have ’em—I’ll spare you the details (besides, do you really care?) I thought so!

By 5 p.m. I had had ENOUGH. I told my husband (and anyone who would listen) that if one more boy in my house asked me one more time, “WHY?”, I was going to go all Kanye West on them!

See, the rational part of me realizes the why thing is their eagerness to learn and I’d never want to stifle that—and that this situation is not unique to me as a mom and I need to get a grip. But be honest. After 1,000 whys….”Why are we driving up the hill?”, “Why is the cheese white?”, “Why do you drink on Wednesdays?” (oops, my bad, that last one was my husband’s question) everyone has their breaking point!

 I just know somewhere my parents are trying to stifle a laugh, too.

At me.

I believe it’s called, “karma”, and I do believe, it’s rearing its head!



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2 responses to “KARMA, THY NAME IS “MOMMY”

  1. L

    Love this one Jan!

  2. Lisa Feeney

    So funny… I get the “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom” WHAT!!!!! “I forget” Happens all the time. Those bad days are the worst but then when you smile at them and get a chuclkle its all worth it!

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