Morning came way too fast today. I know, you’ve been there, right?

For once, my kids actually decided to sleep in (on a Monday…not a Saturday…thanks for nuthin’!), which left me in a mad scramble to get everyone ready so we could get my oldest to preschool.

Needless to say, the baby was stylin’ in his jammies (with Cheerios raining down off of him when I put him in the car, and thank God they were feetie ones because it was a frosty 37 degrees out and his shoes are probably at the bottom of the toy box for all I know)…. I forgot to give my oldest his milk and his inhaler (Sing with me now…”Mother of the year…dah dah dah!”), and by the time I looked in the mirror at my unruly self, I realized my hair air dried to the point of no return….Awe-some!

Thus, I’m sporting a pink Sox hat and red Christmas socks (I know…the snowman socks have zero to do with the unfortunate ‘do…don’t ask. And yes, it did snow here over the weekend, but I’d really like to pass out my Twix and baste my turkey with my Pilgrims before I start kicking it around town in my fun snowman socks!)

I used to love wearing baseball hats—when I had some cute hair to stick out of my hat. But recently, I got my hair cut super short so I’d have time to do it quickly in the morning (THAT backfired today, didn’t it? Irony, I loathe you so.) So now when I wear hats, I just have some fringe sticking out over my ears and I look like a shaggy 12 year old boy (with wrinkles.) Feelin’ hot, hot, hot! Ole!


Point is, with my slapped on makeup, Snowman socks and Peter Brady look (before the voice change….)I’ve got it going on today! Look out! Here comes mama!

So imagine my delight when we trudge back from school, get settled, and I snap on Facebook to find the (hopefully above? technology is not my friend…) video one of my friends shared. How timely on a morning when I happen to feel like a troll, that I stumble upon it!


The title of the video (as posted on Facebook) was something like, “Every teenage girl should see this”….and I agree. But I commented under the video, that never mind every teenage girl, every middle aged hausfrau should see it!

Granted, even with professional hair and make up I couldn’t look like the girl in the video—I’m not a crack smoker. But, surely with a gifted “team” in place, I could leave my Petie Brady and Sox hat far behind and be looking a hell of a lot better! I’d like to see those models get three kids fed and dressed (fine, two kids dressed…but still!) and to school on time in thirty minutes and not look like a garden gnome!

I’m all about working with what I have and putting my best (snowman sock clad) foot forward most days. Not even suggesting we stop tweezing, blow drying or lip glossing. Because it feels good to look good. But it’s nice to be reminded, at any age, that no one can look THAT good, without a whole lotta help from a team of experts AND a computer!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to slink back out in my hat and snowman socks and pick up my son! HO HO HO!



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4 responses to “THIS….IS JUST NOT RIGHT!

  1. Michelle Kaelin

    Great video. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Janet! As a photographer, I know how powerful a tool that Photoshop can be. Some advertisers definitely take it too far though. It definitely distorts reality and what people’s perception of ‘real’ beauty is. Personally, I think that women look the best when they try the least (myself included. I think I look great when I first hop out of bed in the morning, rested, relaxed), but I don’t think most women feel the same way.

    • jrfrong

      Oh Sheryl—you can photoshop me anytime, sister! I wake up with short hair bed head and a ruddy face, so I can’t share you’re enviable well rested look! I need a shower, coffee, make up and a hairdryer to even think about looking marginally presentable. But I agree—many women look wonderful as is, as I’m sure you do. Wish I were one of them, but I need a little help from my friends! That video was truly eye opening though—wow. I had no idea they distorted models to that extent! She already looked beautiful before they started messing with her!

  3. Lisa Feeney

    totally agree!!

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