Greetings muffintopmommy readers! I do hope you are enjoying this wonderful (and busy!) holiday season. Here is another one of my fave posts that I am re-running —see, as I hinted in my last post (you know, the one where I talk about hating winter in New England, yada yada— go back and read it if you missed it—I mean, you’ve had like two chances already so you probably haven’t missed it or are mad at me for dogging winter in New England. But I make no apologies!! Winter is WRONG!!!)..wait, so where was I? OH! I had to have a hiring freeze on elves this year, so  I’m left to fend for myself to prepare for the holidays! Well okay, no, I do have one other helper around here but the guy already has a full time job…….something’s gotta give! Hey, thanks for reading and there’ll be new stuff soon. Til then, here’s another one of my fave topics… honking big ass purse! (However, by the time this holiday season is over, I’m pretty sure my ass will be bigger. Just sayin’. More on that later….).


My purses used to be stylish, cute and admittedly, sometimes real and sometimes faux. Now, they’re just honking. They’re just about as stylish as something that needs to haul small cargo can be, that also typically costs, oh, $50 bucks or less.

I swear I’m getting curvature of the spine from carrying my purse. It weighs about 1500 pounds and has so much random stuff in it, I’m pretty sure if I got stranded on a desert island, I’d have enough loot in there to eat for a week, send out SOS signals and if all hope is lost, MacGayver my ass a small boat to sail out of there. But….would I want to? Being temporarily stranded on a random desert island sounds strangely appealing to me—a little bit less so than a jury sequester but all the same, still pretty tempting. I could pretend I was on ”holiday” at an all inclusive resort….sans the delish food, running water and free flowing booze.

Yeah, on second thought, I’ll just stick to my getaway to the grocery store. Frankly, you lost me at no booze.

The best part about lugging around half a ton of ca-rap, is that when I actually need one of the 50 million things in there, I have to root around in the bottomless pit for five minutes to find what it is I’m looking for. I practically have to send a dive team in.

“Okay, stand back— we’re going in for that dented (yet salvageable!) tampon now!”

“Ouch! Oh man, I just got stuck with a random safety pin, what the hell?! But I did find this really cool mini cop car!”

Oops. Danger lurks at every turn in the mommy purse.

It’s also super funtastic when I whip my honking bigger than my arse mommy wallet out to pay for something at the drug store and stuff starts to rain down on the floor. (Do I really need to hang onto the grocery receipt from 2008…pretty sure I’m not going to be returning the French’s mustard…but do I have the receipt for the sweater that didn’t fit from last week…..offff course not.)

And I know I’m technically an adult and thus, should be able to buy anything I want without fear of embarrassment, but does it ALWAYS have to be the one random teenage boy who can’t look me in the eye (his issue, NOT mine!) when I’m buying the three pack pregnancy test? I know it should not make me blush since I am A. married and B. old as dirt, at least in his eyes (Oh you and I both know it! Please refer to “Would It Kill You To Card Me And Stop Calling Me Ma’am.)

Listen kid, no shame in this game! Nope, none whatsoever. Even the most pious in society won’t argue, I am OLD enough and MARRIED enough to have sex if I want to punk, and if I get pregnant (gulp) the more the merrier (Insert Howard Dean scream….now!)

Oh forget it…just put your ipod on and ignore me! And tell your friend at the deli I said, “Hi!”


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