Muffintopmommy…is movin’ on up!

Come on! What are you waiting for? Let's go!

Where are George and Weesie when you need them to cue in the music? They ain’t the only ones who are movin’ on up! Muffintopmommy is movin’ on up!!! NO! Not to my dream home, oceanfront, decorated by my favorite Canadian, Candice Olsen (Candice…I puffy heart you!!) complete with a fridge of frosty adult beverages, a maid, personal chef, and trainer. (What? Dream big or don’t dream, people!) Still exciting but real, muffintopmommy is moving to a deluxe domain in the blogosphere.  So….yeah….. I think that’s what it’s called? The new real estate is just better. Mmm hmm. It is. (Were it not for a sympathetic tech savvy friend–can I get a WOOT WOOT for Monique A. who has mad computer skills– I’d be writing my posts on a Bic, storing them in a Trapper Keeper, photocopying ’em at the library, and handing them out in the preschool line. And everyone would be all, “What up with THAT girl in the 80’s Tretorns?”)

I just love to write. And I want to keep improving and distributing muffintopmommy in the best way I know how…so none of this would be possible without the genorosity of a very patient friend, who I imagine may have a red welt on her forehead from slapping it after all my incessant questions because I don’t know a domain from a html code from a ipod, or is it pad? I don’t even know. (I kind of don’t want to know either because frankly, it gave me a migraine the other day and all I was doing was watching. OY!)

So, same old muffintopmommy, fancier new digs. If you have a subscription, *fingers crossed*, you should still receive posts as usual. If you don’t yet have a subscription to muffintopmommy (It’s okay, I still luff you.), it’s easier than ever to sign up–you’ll see!

So check it out. Come on down. Tell all your friends. Kick some tires on the website. Stay for a drink. Make yourself comfy.

I appreciate every single person who visits my blog, and I hope you’ll stick with me. It’s been a fun ride so far. So why don’t we keep rocking the top and see where this train takes us? 

And muffin top’s new digs can be found at……….drumroll……………

Please make a note of it!



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5 responses to “Muffintopmommy…is movin’ on up!

  1. peasoutmama

    Woo hoo! Congrats!

  2. Amy-Margaret

    You Go Girl — Of course we will follow you!!

    You’re the best!!


  3. Lisa Feeney

    I thoroughly enjoy my nights I can dedicate to catching up with Muffintopmommy!!! I will follow you anywhere!

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